Human VS Nature

  ।   २०७७ भाद्र १०, बुधबार २०:२१

26August, 2020 :

The Earth on its own is a battle field, where there is a fight going on from ages; of humans against nature.  The fight is at its peak and it seems nature is losing it, but is it really?

Humans are the most advance form of life that the universe knows. So advance that it wants to lead to anything it knows, as per humans natural disasters are the real monster and humans are the victim and now the strong warriors against it.

Humans have this concept that the weaker the nature gets the more we gain, but is it really? In this fights of who wins of course with technology humans have the full power to win against the weak, poor nature. And sooner or later we will know that humans have won against nature!

Human is a part of nature as equal as nature it self. The fight is not against nature it’s with themselves. Even when they consider nature the enemy but is it really? Nature offers fresh air, food, water, gas, miners and everything we have is a part of nature.

But the nature causes disasters doesn’t it? Well first of all it is caused due to human destroying forest, increasing number of plastic, destroying nature for its own selfish reasons.

Yes now we know Humans are winning but are they really?

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२०७७ भाद्र १०, बुधबार २०:२१
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